open wi-fi is free-flow and datalove is solidarity.

What does it mean to love data? It is the process of multiplying each infinitely divisible affect to connect to any point in the chaosphere.
Datalove is the love of communication. No matter what kind of communication. "Let data flow" is nothing else but "keep communication alive".

Blocking the Internet anywhere is nothing more than breaking the datalove. Don't make it a war. No hate, only datalove <3

Do not confuse the technological creativity that we promote with the "liberty" to do whatever you want on the networks.

Then, when you have two or more waves, you have an oscillation. We move as pulses. Of affects and of binary data.

Never use the lines of creation to claim your "rights and freedoms". This is the beginning of data fascism, creeptography and 3D-guns.

We did however hack this thing called "real life" and added <3 functions to it.

Data is free and can not be owned

It is also important to understand that "intellectual property" is a logically and morally illegitimate concept. Speaking of intellectual property is an attempt to force an inherently acorporal substance (data) to behave and be governed in the manner of physical objects. This cannot work, and whenever it is attempted, repression and fascism are the logical and entirely predictable outcomes.

The principles of Datalove